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Growth-patterning feedback model

by Michael A. Guravage last modified Sep 13, 2011 06:06 PM


Growth-patterning feedback

Detail Description:

VirtualLeaf is particularly suited for modeling mechanisms in which growth and pattern formation feed back on one another. This model implements the effects of chemical concentrations on growth in the 'MyDiffusionmodel:CellHouskeeping' class method. To prevent vascular cells from expanding, wrap the statement that controls cell expansion within a conditional statement like this:

void Mydiffusionmodel::CellHouseKeeping(CellBase *c) {
  if (c->Chemical(0) < 0.5){
  if(c->Area() > 2*c->BaseArea()){


For a complete description of the equations involved, and their corresponding implementation in C++ code, please refer to the section entitled 'Rection-diffusion and cell differentiation' in 'Building simulation models of developing plant organs using Virtualleaf.'

The protocols are included with the VirtualLeaf framework. Each protocol occupies a unique revision in the mercurial source code repository, and is marked with a  mnemonic tag. Use mercurial's update command to move to the appropriate revision:

> cd virtualleaf
> hg update -r 'no vascular expansion'


The protocols are not included in the framework build process. To build and install our 'divide over arbitrary axis' model type:

> cd src/protocols
> make





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