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PIN1 recycling model

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PIN1 recycling

Detail Description:

This model demonstrates how to implement PIN1 recycling. The PIN1 recycles between the membrane and an intracellular storage, called the endosome, and binds preferentially to cell membranes adjacent to cells with a high concentration of auxin

Here is the first of two PIN1 recycling equations. We define the flux \phi_{ij} as the translocation of PIN1s from the endoscome of cell i to its cell membrane adjacent to cell j. The equation sums all the net PIN1-fluxes from the membrane to the endoscome, and takes it as the change per time unit of the level of PIN1 in the cell.

\phi_{ij} = k_1 {\sum_j {\frac{P_i A_j f(A_j)}{k_m + P_i}}} - k_2 \sum_j {P_{ij}}, with f(A_j) = \frac{A_jR}{k_R + A_j}

 The following equation states that the change in PIN1-level in a cell wall is the flux of PIN1 moving to it.

\frac{dP_i}{dt} = -\sum_j {\phi_{ij} + \alpha A_i - \delta P_i}, \frac{dP_{ij}}{dt} = \phi_{ij}

 For a complete description of the equations involved, and their corresponding implementation in C++ code, please refer to the section entitled 'Polar auxin transport' in 'Building simulation models of developing plant organs using Virtualleaf.'

The protocols are included with the VirtualLeaf framework. Each protocol occupies a unique revision in the mercurial source code repository, and is marked with a  mnemonic tag. Use mercurial's update command to move to the appropriate revision:

> cd virtualleaf
> hg update -r 'pin1 recycling'


The protocols are not included in the framework build process. To build and install our 'divide over arbitrary axis' model type:

> cd src/protocols
> make




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