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Vleaf Framework

by Michael A. Guravage last modified Feb 17, 2016 10:55 AM


The VirtualLeaf is a cell-based computer modeling framework for plant tissue morphogenesis.

Detail Description:

The VirtualLeaf framework separates the conceptual biological model from its implementation in terms of the algorithms for cellular mechanics and chemical transport as well as the visualization and steering of the simulations.

For instruction how to download and install the VirtualLeaf, please refer to the introductory chapters in, 'Building simulation models of developing plant organs using VirtualLeaf' by Roeland M.H. Merks and Michael Guravage.

Getting Started

Retrieve the latest development version of the VirtualLeaf  from its Googlecode mercurial repository:

> cd /usr/tmp
> hg clone


Assuming that you have the prescribed development environment installed, including Qt, compile the VirtualLeaf framework (Linux):

> cd virtualleaf/src
> make


Once the compilation is complete, you will find the VirtualLeaf binary in 'virtualleaf/bin' and the modules in 'virtualleaf/bin/modules.' To invoke the VirtualLeaf, while still in the src directory, type:

> ../bin/VirtualLeaf


The 'Models' pull down menu displays all the models the VirtualLeaf finds in its models directory. To concentrate on the models you will create from these protocols, move the original models out of the way:

> cd ../bin/models
> mkdir original_models
> mv lib* original_models



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