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Divide over arbitrary axis model

by Michael A. Guravage last modified Aug 30, 2011 01:23 PM


Growing cells divide over an arbitrary axis.

Detail Description:

This model demonstrates growing cells dividing over an arbitrary axes when they double in size.

The protocols are included with the VirtualLeaf framework. Each protocol occupies a unique revision in the mercurial source code repository, and is marked with a  mnemonic tag. Use mercurial's update command to move to the appropriate revision:

> cd virtualleaf
> hg update -r 'divide over arbitrary axis'


In 'virtualleaf/src/protocols/MyGrowthModel/mygrowthmodel.cpp, note in 'Mygrowthmodel::CellHouseKeeping' method how the previous explicit axis has been replaced with a random axis.

if(c->Area() > 2*c->BaseArea()){
  double orientation = Pi*RANDOM();
   Vector axis(sin(orientation), cos(orientation), 0.0);


The protocols are not included in the framework build process. To build and install our 'divide over arbitrary axis' model type:

> cd src/protocols
> make


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